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Super Sentai + Changeling: The Lost

Yousei Sentai Chimeranger

(or: What happens when you AU Kyoryuger into Changeling: the Lost.)

Humans changed by the power of Arcadia, come together! A new story of hope and bravery begins now!

Arcadia! A realm beyond our own, teeming with magic, with power... and with evil. It is the home of the True Fae, beings of power beyond human comprehension, who love nothing more than toying with human lives. Five youths, stolen away from their lives and brought to this place, toiled and suffered under the whims of their True Fae keepers, gradually changing and absorbing a portion of Arcadia's magic into themselves. Using their wits, skills, and bravery, they broke free from their prisons and escaped into the Hedge, a thorny, dangerous barrier between reality and Arcadia.

These five all encountered Torin, a hedge-dwelling hobgoblin in the shape of a humanoid blue-and-red bird, who was deeply impressed by their bravery. Most humans that escape Arcadia want nothing more than to return to normal lives, and shy away from the things that hurt them. But not these young men and women. Seeing their potential to help save others like themselves from a similar terrible fate, Torin bestowed upon them the Chimerevolvers and Beast Batteries, which let them transform into the Chimerangers, defenders of humanity!

Red - Daigo Kiryu - Ogre: Daigo's durance in Arcadia was spent in combat at the whims of his Keeper, battling other prisoners like himself. He's fearless, confident, honest, ferocious in battle, and occasionally not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Black - Ian Yorkland - Darkling:

Blue - Nobuharu Udo - Wizened:

Green - Souji Rippukan - Fairest: Souji's Durance was as a decoration for a True Fae's manor halls. His skill in swordsmanship was considered so beautiful by his Keeper, that they felt it ought to be put on display for their guests to see. He was confined to one spot, forced through swings and stances, until one day finally swinging his blade through his bonds and running for freedom. His Fairest gifts lean towards the agility and grace of the Contracts of Separation rather than the stunning magnificence of Contracts of Vainglory.

Pink - Amy Yuuzuki - Beast: Amy's Durance was in the clutches of a forest overlord keeper, who shaped humans into animals and forced them into roles of predator and prey. While she may have been meant to be a hoofed animal destined for eventually being devoured by something with fangs and claws, her kicks were so fierce that they saw her safely back to the real world. She's a tomboy to the core, and even wilder than ever.

Gold - Utsusemimaru - Elemental: Utchy was subject to one one Durance, but two. His first pass through Arcadia transformed him into a creature of pure electricity. Upon his escape and contact with Torin, he became one of the earliest Chimerangers. Alas, he was taken again by the dirty tricks of the True Fae Dogold, and forced to power the armor that made his body. Now free, he is still a fish out of water and displaced in time, and is even more awkward about anyone touching him, for fear that he'll shock them by accident.

...more to come...