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The Call Me Out Meme!

【the CALL ME OUT meme】
a roleplay meme to inspire muses.

refer to the list above for active muses. (Or here for full muselist!)
post "calling" one of them out — you can do so by putting their name in the subject line!
can be informal/formal/comment spam/crosscanon/explicit/whatever tickles your fancy!
feel free to make up a scenario at the start, or wait to see where things go.

meme code.

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[She chose to be relieved when he cracked an eye open and then tried not to look at her. It meant that his mental processes were undamaged, if he was being so... so Dynamo. And relief was better than anger, either at him or the one that did this to him.]

What've you gotten yourself into...?

[Dakki knelt beside the couch, she sighed, and she placed a hand lightly on his cheek.]

I... I think you're going to be okay. I think. I'll get someone to come and have a look at you. I...

[Words escaped her entirely. She had no idea what to say to him, what to do with him. Normally, this would be enough. Secure the injured and seek out the one that did it. But this was different because it was him, and she couldn't just leave him.

Maybe that would be for the best. The hand on his cheek slipped to his shoulder, resting lightly.]

...I'll stay here with you. In case whatever did this to you is still out there.
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[This was completely awkward for him. One, he couldn't recall a time he ever wound up in such condition. Two, he didn't want others to see him this way... especially her. He looked away again.]

It's... it's not as bad as it looks.

[Not that he knew if that was true or not. A glance was cast over to her hand, and he returned his gaze to her.]

... Thank you. For... I'll be fine... Don't worry too much...?

[Of course he was worried. For her, somehow. Only for the fact that if whatever did this to him, it had the chances of doing it to her as well. Not that, he'd ever put it out into the open in such an obvious manner.

A small groan escaped him and he reached over to place a hand on her own.]
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Oh god I miss my icons T_T

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Dynamo... Don't be like that.

[That was the scolding face that she was making. The 'you are exasperating me' face. It didn't last, because he was still hurt and she was still very much worried. She turned her hand over, and locked her fingers light with his.]

Of course you'll be fine. Of course. Don't... don't strain yourself.

[It's no easier being on the opposite side of this sort of thing. Hadn't she been very much uncomfortable, all laid out in Doctor Aston's basement, with a far less injured Dynamo nearby?]

Can I get you anything? Do anything? I could...

[She pursed her lips, then shook her head. No, she couldn't leave his side. It might wound his pride, to have her fuss over him so, but she might lose him entirely if whatever attacked him lurked nearby.]

I'm staying here. I am. It's only fair. It's only right.
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I know the feeling!

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[A flinch, but it was hard to tell if it was from her slight scolding, or if it was from his injuries. Though he looked to her again with a somewhat of a sheepish grin.]

Hey now...

[He tried to think of something clever, something witty. However, words failed him. With good reason. Had he been thinking clearly, he would've shut off his pain receptors before they had a chance to stay locked in. He was far too focused on not dying at that point to think of it. Though in the long run, perhaps it was a good idea he didn't.]

I think... I think I'd be comfortable with you... just staying with me.

[At times, his gaze seemed unfocused. Only because he was concentrating on the various errors and warnings that would flash across his vision now and again. He was out of the critical damage, so he could cross that off his check list of things that needed to be looked at.]

I'm... Look I didn't mean to...
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From the depths of the inbox, I strike!

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[He wanted her to stay. He wanted her to stay. How could she be exasperated with him, if that's what he wanted? He needed kindness now. And she could provide it. She very much wanted to provide it. Very gently, she squeezed his hand.]

Then I'll stay with you. As long as you need.

[As he began to protest and apologize, she dipped in and placed a light kiss on his lips. It was an... impulsive thing, but given the mood that had taken her? It seemed right.]

I know. It's okay.
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From the... forgotten... realms of... somewhere

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[The kiss... while it was surprisingly enough returned, it was weak from his end but still clear he tried. He stared up at her, long and hard. As if searching for the right words. Frowning he simply brought her hand up to his face and gently nuzzled it and closed his eyes.]

Thank you.

[Reaching up with his other arm, he moved to try to remove his helmet. Only he was soon finding out that moving was a task in itself.]

... Little help?
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/zombie groans?

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[That was such a long look that he was giving her. Had she done the right thing, kissing him? But it was silly to worry about such things. With him wanting to hold her hand like that, how could a kiss have been the wrong thing to do?]

...aah. Of course, yes, yes.

[He'd likely be more comfortable with the helmet off, sure. She had to feel about to see if it needed to unfasten anywhere, and she did so carefully, her touch light. With that determined (and any latches or catches unlatched and uncaught), she'd gently pull it off and set it on the floor beside the couch.

And immediately afterwards, she'd take a moment to smooth his hair.]
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[Sure, after a few clasps were undone and the helmet was finally removed, he felt somewhat more comfortable. At least in how his head was resting. For him, this entire moment was beyond his understanding. One, winding up in condition still seemed impossible. Two, feeling some what guilty because he wound up in such a position. Three... why was he feeling guilty in the first place?

Here he was though. Looking up at he, he parted his lips as if to say something... only found he couldn't manage any words.]