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Dakki Sigal ([personal profile] photonicfighter) wrote in [personal profile] lampdevil 2013-10-05 05:02 am (UTC)

Post-Mayfield-y something works for me!

[The power supply that kept the 'better place' running seemed determined to hold out for longer than the smartest folk in town had theorized. And there were, apparently, systems on board that were restless and undocumented. Couple that with not every surviving (or restored) resident being good-natured and well-meaning... well, nothing's perfect. Just better than what came before it.

The house that Dakki had made for herself was modest, in comparison to some of the wild mansions and towers and palaces that some residents had gone and crafted. It had that Gurhalian futuristic light-strips-and-curves look to it, the best imitation of the architecture on the Guardian's Colony that she could manage. Which meant that the door was a solid but light metal alloy that resonated spectacularly when Dynamo when crashing on into it.

She dropped the book that she had been reading and bolted for the door, her saber pulled out of nano-storage in a fluid motion on her way over. She slapped the unlock pad, the door wooshed open, and she stared straight ahead for an instant, entirely missing that there was a collapsed reploid on her front step.

For an instant. Just an instant.]

....Dynamo! Oh Holy Light, Dynamo...!

[She dropped to one knee and reached for him, taking in his injuries and his state as quickly as she could. But then her head lifted and her optics narrowed.] Who did this to you?! [Where her voice had been anguished at first, now it was angry. And maybe whatever did it was still out there...]

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