silver_reign: (Dynamo - EH!?)
Dynamo ([personal profile] silver_reign) wrote in [personal profile] lampdevil 2013-10-05 04:27 am (UTC)

Dakki! Come hither! Post-Mayfield-ish? ... Something?

[He was never one to go and admit when he needed help. Only because he knew when it was best to depart from a battle he couldn't win. Of course, in doing so, the silver haired reploid had always escaped with minor scratches to his armor... things that were always an easy repair.

However, this time around something was off. It was dark that evening, and he had somehow failed in judging his opponent. It didn't take long and he was soon fleeing for his very life. The fight was almost one sided... almost as if his apparent foe was another copy of himself and knew all his attacks and dodges.

After a long series of saber beam slashes, fired shots, and constant leaps to simply get away, Dynamo's frame couldn't withstand further damage and finally collapsed. As soon as he fell, his attacker seemed to simply disappear. Now what was the point of all that fighting?

Oh. It seemed his adversary was startled off by where the mercenary's frame had fallen. Right smack dab in a civilian area. Dragging himself up to stand, the silver haired reploid finally made his way to a familiar residence. With his energy fading quicker than he wanted it to, he simply hurled himself at the door. That should get someone's attention.

... or so he hoped. Really, he wasn't sure if that was the best idea in the world at that point. However, he wasn't making the best decisions at the moment.]

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