silver_reign: (Dynamo - In all seriousness...)
Dynamo ([personal profile] silver_reign) wrote in [personal profile] lampdevil 2013-10-07 06:02 pm (UTC)

I know the feeling!

[A flinch, but it was hard to tell if it was from her slight scolding, or if it was from his injuries. Though he looked to her again with a somewhat of a sheepish grin.]

Hey now...

[He tried to think of something clever, something witty. However, words failed him. With good reason. Had he been thinking clearly, he would've shut off his pain receptors before they had a chance to stay locked in. He was far too focused on not dying at that point to think of it. Though in the long run, perhaps it was a good idea he didn't.]

I think... I think I'd be comfortable with you... just staying with me.

[At times, his gaze seemed unfocused. Only because he was concentrating on the various errors and warnings that would flash across his vision now and again. He was out of the critical damage, so he could cross that off his check list of things that needed to be looked at.]

I'm... Look I didn't mean to...

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