silver_reign: (Dynamo - You talk too much)
Dynamo ([personal profile] silver_reign) wrote in [personal profile] lampdevil 2013-10-06 12:57 pm (UTC)

[His systems began to shut down certain functions in order to conserve power. His own automatic repair systems began to work on over time to attempt and he was for certain he'd need to go into a power save mode of sorts. It was similar to sleep... much like a computer and a human.

Dakki's little healing item seemed to help fix some of the more serious internal problems. His systems were, in a sense, running on safe mode. He'd be fine with plenty of rest, much like a human... and the fluids that leaked from his frame weren't much different from injuries sustained on a creature of flesh and blood. Though he was still very much a machine.

At hearing her voice, he cracked open an eye and scanned his surroundings. He tried to shift to look away from her, with little success... only because he didn't want anyone to see him in such a pitiful condition. His body was now very much too weak to do much of anything. So finally, he glanced up to her and attempted a half smile.]

... ... Eh, hey.

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