photonicfighter: (Dakki upgrade - crouch)
Dakki Sigal ([personal profile] photonicfighter) wrote in [personal profile] lampdevil 2013-10-06 03:38 am (UTC)

[So much lag in his response... what had he been hit with? How hard had it hit him? All of the worst-case scenarios were processing within her, one after the other. Disrupted internal connections, fried circuitry, ruptured fluid conduits causing further shorts... he could be on the brink of total shutdown, for what little she knew. Anger was building within her rapidly, rage towards whoever could have done this, an energy that would soon need venting... but she saw no target for it. It would have to be put towards something useful.

Her weapon vanished back into storage, and she slipped her arms beneath his knees and back, ready to pick him up. Just one thing needed doing first... she sent the command through to her nano transformer, and had it release one of her Star Atomizers. Maybe it had taken weeks and weeks to get a proper item store for herself, but it was worth it, to be able to handle a situation like this. The highly advanced medicine dispersed, engulfing the both of them. Nano-machines and cell-stimulating photonic energy washed over Dynamo, soothing pain and mending wounds. But he's hardly human. Nor CAST. Dakki had little idea as to how much it would help him... but surely enough to at least make moving him non-hazardous and non-painful.]

I have you... easy now. I'm going to move you.

[And hup! She lifted him in one smooth motion, then brought him to the living room couch, where she set him back down again.]

Can you hear me? See me? Is that any better...? D... Dynamo?

[She was no medic. She knew nothing of repairs. What could she do?]

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